Saturday, March 9, 2013


Another highlight of La Paz is the Saturday morning organic market – muy bonita produce, home-baked breads, empanadas, tamales, fresh mole and salsa!

The German sausage lady -- a real fixture here --
sells vacuum packed chicken, beef, and pork.

Wonderful warm empenadas and tamales.

This is what it looks like after a shopping spree in Mexico.

 The produce has all been rinsed in our iodine treatment and is ready for eating. On Sunday we had marina folks over to christen the new transmission – chicken curry with coconut rice, roasted poblano peppers, fresh mango and strawberries!

With the transmission rebuilt and working we are ready to move FORWARD again.
We are doing final stocking up and boat chores today and plan to take off for the islands (and out of cell range) for a couple weeks and will be back to La Paz at the end of the month for Anna and Ellie’s spring break arrival!

Before leaving though we were lucky to catch one of the Carniva'l Parades along the Malecon. 

Vendors await parade crowds on the malecon

Families driving the parade vehicles
El Mysteriosos la Mar was the theme of this year's Carniva'l
Los Reys Infantiles (the baby royalty)

Made-up kids atop the floats
Opposite the parade -- 5:30 on the Malecon as the tide comes in

Within a ten minute walk from the boat we stationed ourselves at the very beginning of the evening’s route and got to see the costumed participants – queens (all kinds), teenaged dance troupes, drumming groups, and paper mache floats atop new shiny Peterbuilts or old rusty tractors – doing last minute preparations and practicing their parade waves. 

The procession walks the Malecon four nights in a row, alternating directions. It was as entertaining as any SeaFair parade we’ve seen, and the residents were clearly enjoying the family friendly Mexican-style Mardi Gras party.

 The sun sets as the Parade moves south.

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