Monday, February 11, 2013

Lanham Stays Busy

While Melinda flew home to Seattle to assist her mom and dad move to their new digs, Lanham oversaw held the boat together AND fixed things at a faster rate than they could break. (Melinda apologizes to all the people she didn't call when in Seattle -- it was a BUSY time)

Here in La Paz, Lanham was riding the bike from la ferreteria (hardware store) to ferreteria and getting way ahead in his Spanish. 
First on the list was the total rewiring of the solar panels -- hardwired to a waterproof box -- no more connectors to corrode and fail -- a beautiful job! and note the lovely exotic backdrop for the hard work.

The cockpit once the welding could get underway

Next was a waiting game with the wind – blowing 30 knots IN the marina. When the gusts let down, Sergio, Malcolm, and crew could begin the welding to repair and reinforce the radar arch. They did a great job and we also sent the davits to their shop to have additional bracing added. All is back on, strong, and looking good.

Sergio at work

Early in the week, Lanham was asked to move to a new slip at the marina – easier said than done when he discovered that the transmission was shot – not the more with the troublesome cable that we’ve replaced twice – but now the transmission itself.

This is at least 2/3 through the process --
the transmission is out and on the workbench

After getting it out (MANY MANY steps including diving to remove zincs on the prop shaft, suspending the weight of the engine from the ceiling of the companion way, unwiring and unplumbing more than you can imagine) he contacted MER on Nickerson Street in Seattle. No, they did not have a new transmission in stock, but yes, they did have a rebuild kit for our model.

What luck! Melinda had decided to stay an extra two days, so could get the parts on Tuesday before flying on Wednesday!

All the new parts lined up ready to install, all the old parts cleaned and painted.
We had these two shafts completely apart to replace bearings, thrust washers and clutch packs -- we only hoped we had but them back in order with the correct tightness.

Since my return on Wednesday -- we have spent 4 days up to our elbows in transmission parts -- Sunday afternoon it was back in and we were ready for the big test -- a celebration or disappointment. 

With no time to spare (the marina office again needed us to move the boat to another slip within the hour) we turned the key -- first good sign -- the engine ran. We threw the transmission lever and she dropped into forward -- smooth and quick!  SUCCESS!!! We can move forward.

An eight piece band at the next table

Okay, truth be told, we only worked on the transmission until dark, then we played with our friends here at the marina -- John Cometti (aka Swagman) generously drove us around to provision, Vancouverites John and Deb wined and dined us on their boat (what chefs) and we all went out for pizza and to walk the Malecon for the first night of Carnival !!

Again, pictures will give a sense of the scene --
 probably only outdone in Buenos Aires or New Orleans.

                                                                   ! Feliz Carnival !

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