Friday, November 9, 2012


This is such amazing news it gets its own blog post! 

While YOU may not have been staying awake at night trying to figure out what the mysterious bubbling sound is coming from the underside of our hull, WE HAVE! And we have asked everyone who will listen if they have ever heard such a sound. We have been baffled. They have been baffled. We know you have too!

We have an answer – at least one that fits our symptoms so closely that we are satisfied. WE HAVE PISTOL SHRIMP!! Actually, they are not along for the ride, they are just down there, doing their thing and we are hearing them.

Seriously, google it! You can even see a u-tube video of them doing their thing. They are common is tropical waters. They have one large claw which they cock and let loose with such force that they create a bubble which they propel to stun their prey. The bubble has such velocity that it reaches the temperature of the surface of the sun... the surface of the sun!?

Now, there will be doubters among you. We too, are in wonder of their constant activity level, their appetite, their science fictional methods, and their proclivity to situate their feeding grounds under Solar Wind day after day. And why doesn't every boat hear it? But -- hey -- it's too far fetched to make up and we all believe what we WANT to believe. We would so much rather believe in pistol shrimp than constantly thinking that the boat is sinking or the batteries are frying or the bottom blisters blistering.

So, seriously. Look 'em up. The inner tubes are grand for questions like:
What's that snap, crackle, and popping sound under my boat?? 

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