Friday, November 9, 2012

Here at The Cape!

Made it to Cabo San Lucas this morning – in record time – about 26 hours of flat 8 to 10 knot winds. Motor sailing made the most sense, and with a boost from the sails we cruised the 175 miles in comfort, taking to 2 to 3 hour watches. As usual the sunset, starry night, and sunrise showed off. The temperature and humidity have definitely picked up. We’ve jumped in the water a couple of times and hosed off with cool water at the transom hose.

Rounding Cabo Falso with Cabo San Lucas on the right.

The terraced development on the cape.
We read this area was still a fishing village only 40 years ago. Yikes!
Everything on the boat is working – sigh -- and we really feel like we are living in comfort with the refrigerator and watermaker! While en-route we baked corn bread, roasted poblano chilies, cleaned the grill, washed the windows and wrote some sailmail.

A big part of the daily routine is checking the weather through sailmail sent faxes and computer generated GRIB files. We have more sources when there is internet available, and whenever in port of course there is the grapevine – sometimes more talk than anything, but all good to include in the planning.

Part of the busy construction going on at this marina --
is the tourism economy back??

We have come a little beyond the Cabo San Lucas marina, hotel, beach, habor scene to a smaller (and very beautiful) marina at San Jose del Cabo. This is a new development that got slammed with the economy in 2009 and is just getting on its feet again, hoping to be really ritzy – in addition to the marina, they advertise 2 pro-designed golf courses, future home sites and attractions such as a botanical garden and a pool to swim with dolphins.

The marina grounds are beautifully landscaped and everyone working here very friendly. We continue to use our Spanish – and they humor and help us! Sometimes, they just shake their heads and say, “Try English…?”

After checking in at the marina, which involves presenting our papers of boat ownership, clearance into Mexico and proof of Mexican liability insurance, we toasted our arrival with cold cervecas and tapas, gathered laundry which we will happily pay Guermo’s sister-in-law to wash tomorrow, and got of the bikes to go explore town. 

We had a wonderful ride to the plaza, along the cobblestone back streets and of course found another little place for dinner. San Jose del Cabo seems like a plenty big enough city – we are happy to skip San Lucas for now.

 Signs of the Day of the Dead celebrations in the town square

A highlight was when Guermo and his wife, Michelecarmina brought back our laundry and agreed to come aboard for a margarita and some informal Spanish lessons. They were very sweet and clearly touched that we wanted to visit with them – rarely, if ever had been ON one of the boats in the marina.

Today was BIG boat maintenance (oil change, wash down, etc, etc.) and tomorrow we will get to a market. Because we know some of you reading are saving your pesos to come here yourselves, we will mention that sending a couple loads of laundry out was about $20. The marina is $100 a night. Twice the rate in Ensenada, probably a little less than in Cabo San Lucas central. 
We expect to spend one more night in the marina, then watching the weather and deciding when/where to cross over to the mainland west coast – probably to Matzatlan, further south to Puerto Vallarta, or all the way south toward Ixtapa. Will keep you posted! Thanks all for keeping in touch. Emails from you all have become more and more precious!

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