Friday, August 17, 2012

Won't be long now!

Hi Folks! We are waxed, washed and bottom painted. Fresh zinc anodes are installed, and the folding propeller has been greased. We are practicing with the spinnaker - almost got it! Sometimes we feel like we are sinking, but really its only the 5,000 + lbs. of added equipment and provisions setting us a good bit lower in the water. Melinda has taken the lead with medical provisioning - starting with a nice 1st-aid kit from Carol and Gary, and fascinating suture schooling (and supplies) generously contributed by old friend and ace plastic surgeon Craig, and adding $1,200 in antibiotics, pain pills, immunizations, splints and salves - we are practically a floating infirmary! We have sold our children's family home, moved all belongings into three storage units, purchased a two bedroom condo in Fremont and installed tenants there for the year we will be away. Family, In-laws and outlaws have helped us lighten our load by staging garage sales and descending on our weekend long move out of 6016 and into storage. MAY I STRESS; We could not have done it without you. If you were there, you know this to be true!! Thank you. Charts and routes - both paper and electronic are (or have been) being installed, and our various communication systems checked and re-checked. Auto-pilot, water-maker, batteries, solar panels, engine and transmission, rigging and sails - - all have spares, fresh lubrication and are ready to go (almost). We currently plan to depart Seattle on September 10th with Slim (the guy lying in the pipe-berth) as crew, and trade him in for Keith in San Francisco about a week later.... Melinda and I will leave San Diego about the end of September, but hope to stay for a week at our first Mexican port of Ensenada, and attend language school - another last minute detail! Many thanks to you all as you have understood our preoccupation and helped us do what must be done prior to departure. Vela Felizes Love, Lanham & Melinda
First Crew member, Slim (Seattle to San Fran), tests out the pipe berth.

Thursday night shakedown with Slim, Sam and...


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